28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 Years

1.) You are capable of anything

Absolutely anything you want to do, you can accomplish.

2.) Save money

Start young and start small. Avoid bad investments and repetitive impulse buys.

3.) Be nice

You never know what somebody is going through, so ALWAYS be nice. Especially to a stranger. You can completely change their day in a positive way.

4.) Compliment someone

This one is a big one. You know how it feels for someone to compliment you? Start doing it to other people.

5.) Don’t Judge

I used to be so bad to judge people, but why? You don’t live their story. Be kind always and try to be understanding.

6.) Take care of yourself

Mentally and physically. Treat your body well and it will be very rewarding.

7.) Be patient

As a new mom this one is very important. Take a deep breath and take it slow.

8.) Dont dwell on the past

Ahhhhh, so much easier said that done. But we all have different chapters of our lives, some good and some bad. Learn to learn from your past mistakes and learn to admire your growth from it.

9.) Dont fear the future

My anxiety is usually always about fearing my future. But when you do this, you aren’t appreciating what is right in front of you. And why fear something that hasn’t happened?

10.) Live in the now


11.) Your home back home isn’t home anymore

It’s so strange that that place you grew up in and called home, isn’t home anymore. Even if your family is still there, it just isn’t the same.

12.) Never lower your standards

Know your worth, anyone or anything below that isn’t worth you.

13.) Don’t post risqué photos on social media

As a mom now, I cringe knowing that I used to do this. Although, I’m all about body positivity and loving your body, just think about it.

14.) Wear sunscreen

Skin cancer. Wrinkles.

15.) Don’t gossip and be honest

I learned this when I was very young. It sucks being caught in a lie or someone calling you out for talking about them. Never add fuel to the fire.

16.) Rescue stray animals

Kitty is my best friend. I could not imagine leaving her on the side of the road.

17.) Relax

99% of the things you are stressing out about are not even that important. Relax to help your mental health.

18.) Everything happens for a reason

Even the most cruel things that happen in your lifetime, happen for a reason. Look at the silver lining.

19.) Meditate

& a bubble bath really helps

20.) Cry

A good long one, a short one, a sad one, a mad one, even a happy one. It feels good, let it out.

21.) Save the little things

All the notes, all the pictures, projects: It feels good to look back through them.

22.) Quality over quantity

Always remember it.

23.) Help someone

Someone is short on change at the checkout, cover it. Someone drops something, pick it up for them, hold the door open. It’s nice to help people.

24.) Never feel guilty

You can learn from it, but never allow yourself to feel guilt.

25.) Call your family and friends

Life is short, and you never know what tomorrow brings.

26.) Love what you love

Never let anyone take that away from you.

27.) Coffee is a necessity

You will never change my mind.

28.) Love yourself


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